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Manufactured in Stainless Steel and produced in-house, our post and ropes are one of the most used rope barriers systems nationally. They are supplied with floor protectors and can be modified to allow for any application you may require. The Barriers can be supplied with floor sockets, surface mounts, or even a small magnetic base to ensure the barriers can be easily moved for floor cleaning. For more information, please call our sales department on +44 (0)1327 438014.

We ensure that any barrier rope that we supply is tested and accurately measured. The barrier ropes are supplied in three different types. The first type and most popular is the twisted rope. This is the most cost effective type we supply. It is supplied in seven different colours, and a 30mm diameter. The velvet rope, or velour, as it is referred to provides a more traditional finish. Finally the faux leather barrier rope, or Naugahyde, provides a new dimension to customer guidance.

Our Products

Our Warranty

All of our products are covered with a warranty. In the unlikely event you should find a problem please call +44 (0)1327 438014 with the details.

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