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Innovation in our Rope Barrier Range

Like us on facebook to see the new post and rope ranges and our latest innovations such as those below. Some of the above products have not yet been released for general sale and are only available by calling our sales department on 01327 438014. Select the image to download a PDF or for a direct link.

Purchasing a System

When you wish to purchase a rope and post system, initially calculate the area you need to cover. There is no need to allow for the "rope sag" as we will allow for it. Decide which upright or Rope Barrier you require and then the rope type and colour. All of our posts are four-way allowing corners to be taken into consideration.

Why Choose Brandline Post and Rope?

Our products are DDA aware meaning that during the design stage we endeavour to ensure that not only are the Rope Barriers beautiful, hard wearing and long lasting, but they benefit from taking the Disability Discrimination Act into consideration where appropriate. The bases are not high ridged allowing wheelchair users to comfortably negogiate over them. Our Rope Barriers do not have sharp edges and we ensure that elements such as "finger traps" are designed out of the range. Using a stainless steel substrate ensures that the products do not corrode after a short time, and if the products are cared for, they will look the same in many years to come. We are that confident of our rope barriers that only Brandlineoffer a liftime warranty with all hardware.